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Diagnostic PT Test

So I failed my first PT test with this unit… and by very little too!  I was sooo mad at myself…  still am!

I am supposed to do a minimum of 50 situps in 2 min, 17 pushups in 2 min, and run 2 miles in under 19:26.  Here are my results:

Pushups: 31



SOOOO Close!

Everyone told me, don’t worry about it…  It’s only diagnostic…  We had a busy day carrying our gear around…

But it was soooo close!  UGH!


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Ugh… I forgot to workout!!

So I was home for about two months between AIT and leaving again for pre-mobilization training.  Of course, during most of those two months, I had no idea I was going to be here.  So I slacked a little… OKAY!  I slacked A LOT!  I should have been running about two miles at least a couple of times a week… I went maybe once a week, and didn’t always run that far.  There were a few weeks I didn’t go at all…

And now I am paying the price.

The Army has strict Physical Fitness requirements… and right now, I am failing…  Hopefully, by our PT test next week, I will at least be able to pass the minimums, though I know I won’t be where I was at when I left AIT.

I have two minutes to do as many situps as possible, another two for as many pushups as possible, and I have to run two miles as quickly as possible.   For my age group, I have to do at least 50 situps (should make it), 17 pushups (that’s in the bag!), and run under 19:26 min.  It’s the run, I am most scared about.  I had the most issues with running in initial training.  I am just not a natural runner.

But I have a great Team Leader who is good at motivating me, and isn’t afraid to say what she thinks.  If she thinks I need more, she’ll make me do it!  It’s kinda like having my own personal trainer…

So I think at next week’s test I will struggle a bit, but adrenaline and pride have a way of speeding my feet up, and I should be just fine.

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