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Just 3 weeks!!

I only have about 3 more weeks in US before deployment.  Kinda weird to think about, but exciting too.  I’ve decided that the Army makes the training portion of deployment so horrible, that the actual deployment seems like cake!

We’ve been very busy training the past few weeks, but have had some time off.  It just stinks ’cause we can’t leave post or wear civilian clothes, or really do anything fun for that matter…

The weekend of July 4th, we get a four day pass.  I am soooo excited!  My mom & sister are coming to NJ to spend it with me on the coast.  We have a spa day planned and hope to see some sights and hang out on the beach!  It will be a nice mini-vacay before leaving.

Before that though, we are packed to the max with training and administrative stuff.  We spend five more days in tents working on tactical and job-related skills, and have a couple more ranges to participate in.  We just got done spending some time on ranges; one was a 24-hour operations and we only got about 2 hours of sleep that night on a hard floor.  Luckily, it’s just training!

I am very excited to get out of here though and get on my way to Iraq… we won’t immediately arrive there though.  We should spend a short time in Kuwait doing more training and acclimating to the heat.  Luckily, it is hotter there than where we will be!


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