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It’s raining… It’s pouring…

One of my favorite things about summer is the thunderstorms.  When they are approaching, the puffy clouds are silhouetted in the sunlight and slowly everything starts turning shades of green and grey and purple.  Tonight I got to witness that, along with the streaks of lightning and the accompanying thunder while riding in a Humvee out to the field.

What I don’t like about thunderstorms is having to run through the downpour with loads of gear.  I don’t like to get soaked having to ground guide a Humvee into the FOB.  And I definitely don’t like hearing the rain hit the top of the tent only inches from my face.

But at the same time, I know the rain will clear the air of the massive humidity we’ve had the last few days.  And I know it will clean the Humvee so I don’t have to.  And I also know that it drowns out the sounds of other soldiers who are a bit too awake late in the night.

So, while the rain is a nuisance, it’s also a blessing.  We’ve been joking tonight that God hates somebody at Ft. Dix because of how close the lightning has been and how incredibly loud the thunder is, but maybe he’s just reminding us that he is here with us…


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