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I hate airports!!

I love to fly… most of the time… but airports are annoying! They only cater to one of my favorite past-times – people watching.

Today I am flying from Chicago, where my unit is, to Philadelphia, to head to training in New Jersey.  I arrived about 2 1/2 hours early at O’Hare and quickly made my way to my gate.  I am traveling in uniform, so I was able to skip ahead of people in security lines (something that is kinda nice, but I still feel bad for “cutting”) and I didn’t have to take off my boots!

But airports are busy, overcrowded, usually dirty, always under construction, and often confusing.  I’ve been in enough airports to know the good from the bad.  I could go to the USO, but I hate leaving security and having to go back through.  Plus, the USO here is in another terminal.  So, I will sit here… wait for my flight… and watch people.

Airports make me nervous.  What if I get held up somewhere and miss my flight?  What if someone tries to steal my bag?  What if my checked luggage gets lost?  (In today’s case, that would be VERY bad)

The flight I’m not so worried about (except if the pilot tells me we have 20 min worth of fuel and are in a 3o min holding pattern).  I will inevitably get stuck next to someone that likes to talk or snore, so I have already determined ways to get through that.

Plus on a flight you are actually going somewhere.  In an airport, you are just waiting… like cattle waiting in a pen before getting tagged.  You are captive, expected to pay exhorbitant prices for cheap food, subject to delays due to weather or the pilot needing his 8 hours of sleep.  I would wather just go, keep moving, and get to where I need to be.   But today, I am hesistant on getting where I am going, because that means that I will not see the Midwest again for over a year… as well as everything and everyone in it.


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