Who’s your Bagh-Daddy?

May 2, 2010 at 10:13 pm Leave a comment

Yes, I am in Baghdad… well, on the military posts in Baghdad.  It’s sort of a mini-vacation… I am here with Jess because our captain wanted us to see other parts of Iraq before we left.  We may not (hopefully) get a chance to come back here anytime soon.

It was a great day… we did a tour of some of the palaces on base and got to see another concert tonight.

We saw the Victory over America Palace… bad choice for a name… it was one of the first things to get bombed when we invaded.  Too bad nobody lived there yet since it was still under construction.  We also got to see the Ba’ath Party (Saddam’s political party) House, which was THE first thing to get bombed.  Something like 200 bodies are still buried in some of the rubble.  It was pretty awesome!

Then… on our way back to our temporary room, we came across a concert being set up.  Turns out Darryl Worley was in town tonight and putting on a show for the troops!  It was a good concert and I’m glad that we decided to check it out.

Tomorrow should be nice too, just hanging around with nothing planned.  Gotta love vacations! 😛


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