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Even my boots are done…

I retired my awesome Oakley boots today.  They will not see American soil.

I ordered them my first few weeks in country, and now in my last week, they will be sent to the trash.  It has gotten to a point where I have to shoehorn my foot out of them at night.  What should take seconds, often takes minutes.

I loved them and they served me well.  I’m sure that for my next deployment, or even before, I will order new ones.  They are way more comfortable than the issued boots.

Falling apart from the inside out...

I will miss you, dear boots…


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Done Son!

My job is officially over…

We had our farewell party last night.  We don’t leave for a few more days… but we are essentially done.

Thank God.

May 16, 2010 at 2:36 pm 5 comments

A year has passed…

So I’ve been on active duty orders for over a year now…

Kind of crazy to think that an entire year has gone by and for most of it I’ve been in boots and a uniform everyday.  My feet are sick of it and I really am excited to look like a girl again.  But overall, it has been a good year.  I think I’ve grown up some, yet regressed at the same time.  Some days I feel like I’ve lost IQ points, and other days I’m ready to do anything I want.  I still don’t know what that is… but I’ve got a little more time to figure that out.

I’m definitely more willing to be more adventurous and take more risks.  I’ve become “one of the guys” and sometimes speak like one too.  I’m more fit than I was a year ago.  I’m still single, but much more okay with that.  I like to think I’ve become wittier… but not sure that’s really true.  I’m sure my patience has gotten worse, not that I had much to begin with.

I’ve missed weddings, and babies, and parties.  I couldn’t go out and celebrate for friends’ new jobs.  Or hug them when they told me they were expecting.   I had to call my family via the internet on birthdays and holidays (thankfully, I got to be home for Christmas).  I missed my niece’s basketball games and school programs.  I sold my car and lost my job.

I got to meet some awesome people, and some not-so-awesome people.  I did some cool things.  I did some stupid things.  I dealt with other people doing stupid things.

So now, I’m left wondering where this next year will take me.  The previous one has taken me halfway around the world and changed my perspective on many things.  I can’t imagine what else will change. Is there anything left? 😀

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Who’s your Bagh-Daddy?

Yes, I am in Baghdad… well, on the military posts in Baghdad.  It’s sort of a mini-vacation… I am here with Jess because our captain wanted us to see other parts of Iraq before we left.  We may not (hopefully) get a chance to come back here anytime soon.

It was a great day… we did a tour of some of the palaces on base and got to see another concert tonight.

We saw the Victory over America Palace… bad choice for a name… it was one of the first things to get bombed when we invaded.  Too bad nobody lived there yet since it was still under construction.  We also got to see the Ba’ath Party (Saddam’s political party) House, which was THE first thing to get bombed.  Something like 200 bodies are still buried in some of the rubble.  It was pretty awesome!

Then… on our way back to our temporary room, we came across a concert being set up.  Turns out Darryl Worley was in town tonight and putting on a show for the troops!  It was a good concert and I’m glad that we decided to check it out.

Tomorrow should be nice too, just hanging around with nothing planned.  Gotta love vacations! 😛

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