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Bad bet…

I usually don’t bet on things… especially stupid things…

But today I made a bet, and lost.  The sad thing is that the wager was my idea…

So this afternoon, I ate a packet of Ramen Noodle seasoning all at once… It wasn’t fun, but it was funny.  I was laughing and gagging at the same time.  Luckily, I was able to use water to help get it down, but, man, did my tummy not feel good for awhile after that.

It was kind of like eating a really salty, chicken flavored pixi-stick… yum….


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Working girl…

Tonight was an early night… we got done at the office at 9 pm.  That’s the usual time, but not lately.  Most nights in the past week I’ve been working until 10 pm or 11 pm.  It sucks, but I still like my job up here.  It doesn’t help that we’ve been shorthanded with people going on leave or pass, or traveling about the countryside.

So since I got home early… I’m going to bed early.  Goodnight! 😛

February 16, 2010 at 10:08 pm 2 comments

Happy Valentine’s Day World!

The world is my Valentine this year… so that mean’s everyone reading this… 😛

Love you and miss you all!

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It’s broke… again…

The truck broke again…

This time it’s been at the shop for almost two weeks now.  A brake line broke when a bolt fell out of the generator, and then did some other damage (I don’t know enough about vehicles to continue to listen when words I don’t know are used).  But it’s been tough, and cost us a couple of missions, to not have our truck.

I swear the thing should just be blown up.  I had literally picked the truck from a two day stint to fix the brakes and the power steering, when just a good four hours later, the brakes went out again.  Luckily they worked just enough to get it where we needed to go and then back to the motor pool.

In the four months I’ve been in Mosul, the truck has probably been deadlined for a good 6 weeks of that, if not more… it’s just not worth it anymore!

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I ♥ Iraqi food!

Really I just love food… anyone I know can tell you that. In fact, it’s become quite a problem with the amount of cookies we’ve been receiving lately. Let’s just say I’ve had more than my share. But today I got two Iraqi meals… and they were both wonderful! For lunch, Jess and I were on a mission at a women’s center outside the city. The owner of the center fed us some great food… kubbah (of course, it is spelled wrong) is this very flat pizza pie shaped thing with a crust and is filled with ground meat and rice and other things, and then fried or something. Dolma is vegetable husks and layers (see onion) stuffed with rice, seasonings, the vegetable insides, and then steamed forever. Today’s meat was chicken. And of course there was the rice (seasoned, fried, mixed with meat, vegetables, everything else) and the bread. The wonderful, wonderful bread! Tonight, two of our linguists (interpreters) made dinner for our team and a bunch of their friends. We had kebabs (beef and chicken), chicken curry, lentil soup (I didn’t eat that), the seasoned rice, white rice, okra stew stuff, a salad (cucumbers, chopped lettuce, basil, chopped tomatoes, and a dressing to die for), and again, the bread… I am going to have to learn to cook some of these things to share when I get home. Plus, I’m going to want to eat them too! 😛

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