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Goodbye for now…

I am sooo glad I decided to come home for my leave.  It was worth every minute…

I was able to do so much.  I got to see my friends and family.  I was finally able to meet all the babies that have been born since I left last May.  I went car shopping (love VWs).  I got to celebrate Christmas multiple times with people I love.  I watched a LOT of football, and didn’t have to watch Ohio State.  I danced the night away on New Years.  I saw Twilight Saga: New Moon. I ate at a ton of good food.  I did my hair every day and felt like a real girl.

Of course, there were things I didn’t do while I was home.  I didn’t work out much.  I didn’t get the tattoo I wanted.  I didn’t take enough pictures.  I didn’t get to see everyone I wanted to (I’ll make up for it this summer). I didn’t get to snowboard or go tubing.

But the whole trip was wonderful.  I was looking forward to seeing snow.  I definitely got to see plenty of it… and drive through it, too.  And the cold weather will make Iraq seem like summer again.

I am looking forward to going back.  We only have a short time left (or so it seems), and I can’t wait to see what we can get done before we return home.

So goodbye to my beloved land for now.  I will return shortly, and just in time for all the real fun to happen.


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