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Boring… kinda…

So it’s been nice to be back at Mosul…

In the few weeks I’ve been back it seems like I haven’t done much, but I’ve actually been really busy (in my mind).  I’ve been in the office helping out bunches, and I moved.  I now have my own room!!  I’m reorganizing a bunch of my stuff, so it’s a bit messy for the time being, but I’ll get pics posted soon… it’s quite cozy!

Also, I had like 10 packages waiting for me when I returned… I got a ton of stuff.  Puzzles, food, candy, lotion, and lots more… but my two favorite things might be the magnetic bears (see below) and the little stuffed dog that says the bedtime prayer.  It’s so soft and cute. (Thanks, Darla & Terry)  I do need to get started on “thank you’s” soon…

And I got to see a very large weapon get tested at a range.  My team went out to watch, and my team chief actually got to fire a couple rounds.  It was a howitzer, so they had another range set up something like 25 miles away for impact (40 seconds later)… an insanely powerful weapon.  I really don’t know enough about them…

Other than that, it’s been the same basic FOB life… hopefully as the weather warms up, so will everything else!!

You can switch their heads, and bodies, and legs... and someone is missing their body!!


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So after four days in transient housing at an airbase in the middle of Iraq, we finally got a flight out of there.  It is so nice to back among people I know and with my roommate!

But of course, I couldn’t let anyone know about it because my computer was acting like a butthole and not starting.  I finally got it restored to a good point and here I am.

It’s 6:45 in the morning here and I have been up for almost two hours.  I have a wicked case of jet-lag, even after sitting around for almost a week doing close to nothing… I’m thinking it was the 11:30 pm briefings and messed up schedule that didn’t allow me to acclimate to the time zone well.  But I think I’ll be fine in a day or two.  I did actually sleep more than three hours last night, so that’s a good sign.

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My new goal…

My previous post about feeling “blah” made me remember my goal about running more this year…

And to keep myself accountable, I’m going to blog about it…

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The Holidays are catching up to me!


So while traveling home and seeing everyone was great and all, the food and lack of exercise is catching up to me now.  And since I’ve been stuck at an airbase waiting for a flight for a few days, I have nothing to do.    And I can feel it… I am lethargic and bloated and can’t sleep right.

So as soon as I get back, I’m going to have to hit the road hard (and the gym).  It’s not going to be “fun”, but hopefully I will be well prepared for multiple 5Ks this summer.  Oh… and cute shorts and swimsuits!! 😛

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Goodbye for now…

I am sooo glad I decided to come home for my leave.  It was worth every minute…

I was able to do so much.  I got to see my friends and family.  I was finally able to meet all the babies that have been born since I left last May.  I went car shopping (love VWs).  I got to celebrate Christmas multiple times with people I love.  I watched a LOT of football, and didn’t have to watch Ohio State.  I danced the night away on New Years.  I saw Twilight Saga: New Moon. I ate at a ton of good food.  I did my hair every day and felt like a real girl.

Of course, there were things I didn’t do while I was home.  I didn’t work out much.  I didn’t get the tattoo I wanted.  I didn’t take enough pictures.  I didn’t get to see everyone I wanted to (I’ll make up for it this summer). I didn’t get to snowboard or go tubing.

But the whole trip was wonderful.  I was looking forward to seeing snow.  I definitely got to see plenty of it… and drive through it, too.  And the cold weather will make Iraq seem like summer again.

I am looking forward to going back.  We only have a short time left (or so it seems), and I can’t wait to see what we can get done before we return home.

So goodbye to my beloved land for now.  I will return shortly, and just in time for all the real fun to happen.

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