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I got some more mail the other day…

Two boxes… I didn’t know who they were from.  The name on the outside was unfamiliar, but they were from Iowa.  I opened the first and it was FULL, packed to the rim, heavy with food.  Good stuff too, like granola bars and crackers, bags of candy, tootsie rolls… the like.

The second box was heavy too!  It had other stuff like lotion, toothpaste, notepads, puzzle books, a devotional, pens, paper, toiletries, I couldn’t even see it all when I opened it.

Each had a card on top, and I immediately recognized the name on it.  Camp Okoboji. Wow… what a great place!  As a kid, I never went there, but I have plenty of friends that did, and my church does a lot of stuff there.  As I read the note inside, I realized that kids over the summer made hundreds of these boxes for soldiers all over.  How cool is that?

this isn't even close to everything...

this isn't even close to everything...

And then there was a third box… more!  More food, mostly… snacks, candy, jerky…

And it just so happened that Swan and I were headed to see kids from the local orphanage that afternoon…  Most of the food (we kept some for the office), went into baggies and back into a box.  Swan posted pics and the story here.

So the food that all the kids in Iowa sent, went to kids in Iraq.  That’s the good thing about my job…


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I miss shopping…

rsvp-justine-red-patent-pumpMy friends and family would describe me as a shop-a-holic.  My dad says that my school loans were actually spent on shoes (most of which I still have, btw).  I love the mall and probably know more places to shop online than the average human.

I love to shop.  No joke.

In fact, I can still shop here, in Iraq.  Mostly online, but the PX (post exchange) offers some things as well, and there are the Turkish vendors with their specialty shops.  Of course, my choices are limited, and so is my time.  Plus, I don’t have that much room to put stuff… but it doesn’t stop me.

Some things I’ve ordered are things that I needed or use on a regular basis, but can’t find here, like my face wash and tennis shoes.  Others are a little more indulgent, like the bike basket or some of the clothes I got for leave (which is still 3 months away).  I also ordered some cute outfits for my nieces, which I sent straight to them.

Today, my talents became very useful though.  One of my NCOs was shopping for a dress for his girlfriend, so he asked for my opinion.  I was more than willing to help.  We found, after numerous websites and hundreds of dresses, some very cute options.  He is going to ponder them some more…

And I will probably end up buying all three!

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It’s time for mail…

It never fails.

It makes me want to wag my tail.

And when it comes

I want to wail…


I must thank Blue’s Clues for that inspirational piece right there… but I really do get that song stuck in my head every time I get some mail… Today was no exception, obviously.

I got a really nice package from my friend Val and her mom Shelly (who is a friend of my mom).  There was some really cute stuff… Halloween decorations, cute little magnets, food and candy (hehehe), magazines, The Beach House by James Patterson, and, my favorite, a Kaleidoscope!

Val has experience sending packages overseas.  Her husband, Kent, is a lieutenant in the National Guard and spent quite a bit of time overseas.  Now they are expecting their first child, and I am sooo sad I’m going to miss his arrival!

It was too much to organize!

It was too much to organize!



A cute pocket cross that I will keep with the anchor my sister sent in my pocket.

A cute pocket cross that I will keep with the anchor my sister sent in my pocket.

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It DOES rain in the desert!

It rained this morning!  Glorious rain! Oh how I missed it!

It woke me up in the middle of the night, so I went to go look out the door and it was beautiful and glistening on the rocks.  The air felt so fresh.  It woke Swan up a little bit later and she did the same… she was soo excited, whispering “It’s raining.  IT’S raining!”  It was quite comical how excited she was.

I didn’t quite believe it myself, so I made sure to get pictures.

The brooding clouds...

The brooding clouds...

The rocks are so pretty without all the dust!

The rocks are so pretty without all the dust!

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Counting sheep doesn’t work…

I need sleep… I’m so tired and I just got up 45 minutes ago.

I don’t know why, but I haven’t been sleeping well.  If I fall asleep before midnight, then I wake up like 5 times throughout. But usually I don’t fall asleep until after midnight.  Last night it was close to 2 a.m.   And I feel it now.  If I wake up for anything, it’s pretty much over.

I’ve tried the sleeping pill thing, which I’m sure I’ll try again.  I listen to music or do a puzzle to try to clear my head.  I can’t do anything too extreme because I have a roommate and she is usually asleep by 10 or 11, and has no problem sleeping through the night.  I’m a little bit jealous… okay, a lot bit jealous.

These guys don't help...

These guys don't help...

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Is it bedtime yet?!

Oh happy day!

I got a wonderful package in the mail today!

Fun sheets and a bright pink quilt from my sister!

The turtle is loving it!

The turtle is loving it!

She sent two sets of sheets, one with starbursts (that’s the one I put on first), and one with flowers!  I love that I will be able to switch it up!  And they both match the pink blanket so well!  She knows me so well (plus, I’m sure the hints I dropped helped too)! 😉

So cute!!

So cute!!

September 16, 2009 at 7:24 pm 2 comments

It’s been a few…

So I know it’s been a few days since I last posted…

There wasn’t much to talk about really…  I was a little irked at my family.  They like to wait to fill me in on major information like my mom having surgery until the day before.  I suppose it is kinda good because then I can’t really get worked up about it… plus I wasn’t super surprised.  Just wish I could’ve been there.

Instead I’ve been here enjoying some interesting weather.  It’s started to cool off, especially in the mornings.  Today was no exception to that, but it’s the worst sand storm we’ve seen yet.  Not fun!

The world is turning TAN!

The world is turning TAN!

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