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WOW! Thanks!

I got a bunch more mail today.  It had been over a week since we had received any mail at all, so I knew it was gonna pile up, but today was crazy!  I got four boxes of things.

Boxes and my new helmet!

Boxes and my new helmet!

One of them had my new bike helmet.  It’s very cute!

Two were from the bank I work at (and my dad works at) at home.

And one was from my college roommate, Christine!

I got some really great stuff!

The bank sent me soo much stuff… food, books (I am so excited to read Angels & Demons), puzzle books, toiletries… multiples of everything!  I got like 7 books!  I will not be bored here!



Christine’s box was awesome… She gave me this super-soft blanket, a book about shoe people(!), Adventures in Babysitting (awesome movie!), nail polish, a magazine, a magnet that shows how you feel for the day, a picture of her two kitties trying to get packed away, her wedding invite ( 😦  ), and a bunch of candy!    I am so sad I won’t be able to make it to her wedding!  But I’m sure it’ll be awesome.



It must be about me!

It must be about me!


August 31, 2009 at 8:34 pm 2 comments

I finally won…

Last night we played poker pretty late.  And I finally came out ahead.  I won about $39 (I had already given $5 in chips to Swan to buy back in since she paid for me initially – I had no cash).  I ended up splitting the pot with one of our SGTs instead of playing head-to-head, which is a pain and can take FOREVER.  He ended up with just around $30.

It was nice to finally win though… after three weeks of losing, plus the Atlantic City fiasco (I’m still mad at myself for it).  So I’m saving $10 of my winnings for next weeks game.  Hopefully, I can just keep building my stash! 😛

Poker money... including the pogs!

Poker money... including the pogs!

August 30, 2009 at 7:27 pm 2 comments

I’ve seen combat??

Today we got pinned with combat patches.  Since we’ve been in a combat zone for 30 days, we now are allowed to wear combat patches.  It’s pretty exciting for those of us who’ve never been overseas before.

It kinda made me mad though, when some of the people who have been to Iraq or Afghanistan before just poo-pooed it.  They were saying things like “oh yeah a combat patch for not being in combat”.  The thing is there are other awards if you are in an actual combat situation.  And this is still a really big deal!  A lot of the guys who were in Kosovo and Bosnia didn’t get combat patches, so even though they’ve been overseas in combat, this is their first one too!

Anyway, I feel very proud that I get to wear a patch on my right shoulder now under the flag, and I think everyone should, whether they had one before or not.

August 29, 2009 at 6:53 pm 2 comments

Forced to Run for Fun!?

I just completed my first 5K ever… I had to…

But I actually had fun and feel really accomplished for it.  It is on my list of things to do… now I can cross it off.  But I need to add “RUN an entire 5K”.

I really usually hate to run… especially being made to run.  I’m not very good at it relative to the Army.  But my team leader thought it would be a good idea for our entire team to run the “Women’s Equality Day” 5K this morning.  So we did… and I can’t really complain.

The dry air and dust make your lungs hurt, but a 5K is not even twice as far as a PT test run.  And I completed the two goals I had for the run – don’t come in last, and come in under 40 minutes. I came in ahead of about 5 people and crossed the line right at 35 minutes.

I am quite proud of myself today!

5k 005

August 26, 2009 at 7:56 am 4 comments

What not to do…

Swan found a website tonight that is just hilarious!  It’s a list of things not to do in the Army, as well as the author’s own blog.

We’ve all done probably one or two of these things (at least), which makes them all the more funny.

August 24, 2009 at 8:35 pm 3 comments

Friends in the Army

The Army is already a hard way of life… but add to that one’s inherent need to make friends, and the Army doesn’t make things easier.

Oh I’ve made plenty of friends here.  Hopefully some will last a lifetime.  But these friendships are extremely stressed.  Not only do we live together, we work together, eat together, go shopping together, spend every day together at some point.  You get sick of people really fast.

But it also blurs the lines…

Where does the friendship end and the boss/subordinate relationship begin?  How can you tell when a joke is a joke between friends or a spur to your colleague?

Today, a buddy was counselled for a post she had on facebook, something that I had commented on as well.  It was meant as a joke, but her boss (who had friended her on facebook) didn’t like it.  He defriended us both.  The odd thing was that the three of us, plus some others, make those same jokes all the time between one another, in the chow hall, at work, wherever.

My buddy was really upset by it, as was I… I’m usually pretty good at seperating work from my personal life… but I guess it’s a little bit harder here.  There really isn’t an easy way to live here.

Some of my best friends I’ve met through the Army.  Kari, Phil, and Sara I met in AIT along with numerous others!  Of course, Swan is here now, and I just met her.  I assume I’ll make many more throughout my career (however long that may be).  I just hope it gets easier…

August 24, 2009 at 8:26 pm 1 comment

Beetle has problems…

This is a beetle that was hanging out in our office during our late night staff duty.  I think he has a leg missing or something.  Early in the evening he wasn’t moving at all, then he started kicking and flailing…

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