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Desert workouts…

Yesterday I went to the gym on post for the first time since we’ve been here.  I know… I know… Erin, you should be working out more!  Well, walking across post multiple times a day in this heat feels like a workout in itself, so I wasn’t that inclined to keep with it.

I did some cardio and abs, and also lifted, arms only.  And now my arms are sore!  That’s what I get for waiting so long!

But Swan & I scored some major brownie points when our NCOIC walked in and saw us sweating it up!


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I have baby fever…

Okay, I know that sounds funny… and I really don’t want to have a kid right now. But I do want to be with all my friends that are having kids and just had kids.

Baby Will J

Baby Will shares my Birthday!

My friend Laura just had a baby boy on my birthday! He is cute, but I won’t get to hold him until he is almost a year old.

Valerie is due in November. I won’t even get to be there for the baby shower. The same with my friends, Patrick and Joanne (joe-AHN-ee), who are due around December.

My Niece

My Niece

I will also miss my niece’s 1st Birthday.

And not only am I missing babies, I am missing weddings, too. My college roommate Christine is getting married on Halloween this year.

facebook logoI just hope people take a lot of pics, and post them. Facebook is what keeps me updated! I also hope no one else decides to get married or get pregnant. I might have to hurt them! I guess I will have to make sure to send lots of presents!

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