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Turtles on a Plane

Our trip to the Middle East was pretty uneventful, except for the many delays that put us a day behind schedule and essentially living for a short time in airports.  Lucky for me, I am easy to entertain myself pretty easily.

My first views of Germany

Our first flight was close to 7 hours.  I slept, ate dinner, slept, ate breakfast, slept again.  Then we landed in Germany.  It was nice to have a chance to sleep.  I think it ultimately will help me overcome jet-lag.

We spent about 5 hours waiting for a new flight crew and restocking the plane in Germany.  We were in this tiny little building away from the airport, but there were plenty of table and a little gift shop and food vendors.  Pretty decent stuff.

I learned how to play euchre.  I think I did pretty well for a beginner.

My stuffed turtle, who goes everywhere with me, was along for the ride of course.   He also enjoyed learning euchre.  It was a

Playing euchre with the seargeants!

Playing euchre with the seargeants!

good way to pass time.

We then had a five hour flight to Kuwait.  When we got off the plane it was about 98° (F).  We waited for three hours before leaving the airport.  It was a long bus ride to base, and my bus didn’t have working air conditioning!  We made it to base at about 4 am local time and then had some briefings.  And then, once we found our tents, it was time to sleep…

We slept all day and the whole company ended up missing some classes that we have to make up a bit later… WHOOPS!


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