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Clean, Sweep, and No Sleep…

I am going on about 2 hours of sleep right now, and I’m trying to keep it that way.  We leave soon, but not soon enough. I am waiting to sleep on the plane.

We were up until at least midnight; I didn’t get to sleep until about 1:00 am.  It was a pretty good night.  Hung out with some members of my team playing board games and then we had to get to work.  We had to draw weapons, and clean the barracks.  We didn’t start cleaning until 11:00 pm last night.   Sweep everything out and wipe everything down.

And then we got to do what we needed.  I showered again since yesterday was extremely hot & humid, and then washed the clothes I had been wearing.  So that meant I had to repack the one bag I hadn’t put on the truck yet.  And then I slept…

It was a short sleep.  In fact, when my alarm went off, it took me quite a bit of time to realize that someone wasn’t sending me a text and that it was time to wake up and get going.

We had to be out of the barracks by 4:00 am.  But we didn’t leave for the Air Force Base until 6:30.  We just sat outside.

And now we just sit inside (Thank Goodness!) and wait.  At least I don’t have to clean again before I leave.


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