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My strange day…

It wasn’t that strange things happened today… but today felt strange to me.

You see today is/was my birthday.  Right now, I am far away from home, and while I celebrated with new friends, it just wasn’t the same.  I don’t know the last time I didn’t see at least someone from my family within a day or two of my birthday to celebrate, and I always celebrated with friends, usually the same ones.

I remember one year, I was spending my birthday at camp; my dad drove up to the camp early in the morning so that he could wake me up and give me my cards and presents.  For years, I celebrated my birthday with a friend who’s only days older.

I love my birthday… I look forward to it each and every year.  Ask anyone who’s been around for my birthday, and they will tell you that I herald my birthday like the Angels heralded baby Jesus.  I will tell anyone and everyone (ok, not quite) for weeks in advance that my birthday is coming and they better be prepared.

So, of course, it seemed like maybe I was unprepared this year.  I wasn’t ready for my birthday.  I wasn’t where I thought I would be.  But I am still a year older than last year; a day older than yesterday.  And I am still getting ready to deploy.

My team was great.  My battle buddy and I shopped for birthday cakes, and we had a small gathering at the local bowling alley.  I got a lot of well wishes from friends all over and a couple of cards.  And I watched Marley & Me; what a cute/sad movie!  Overall, it was a good day.

But I don’t feel older.  I do feel strange though… as if I missed my own birthday.

My battle getting counseled... it's not really a beer, it's root beer...

My battle getting counseled... it's not really a beer, it's root beer...

The party scene... mmm cake!

The party scene... mmm cake!


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