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Fun in the sun…

Details are the lifeblood of the Army workday.  If you don’t have details, stuff doesn’t get done.  There are cleaning details, ammo details, weapons details, chow details… the list goes on and on.  One of the most used and abused details is the inventory detail.  Count stuff and count it again.

This morning, I got chosen to be on one of these wonderful inventory details.  Now the thing about details is that they can be good and they can be bad, but it doesn’t matter what you are doing.  What matters is the soldiers you do them with.  I have been on plenty of details that have just absolutely sucked because some of the soldiers either get away with doing nothing, leaving the rest to pick up the slack; or some soldiers are just annoying to listen to; or the person in charge really doesn’t know how to run things.  Today, I was lucky though… The NCOIC (non-commissioned officer in charge/head seargent) was well organized, knew what he wanted done and how to do it; and the other soldiers were fun, hardworking individuals that I get along with!  It didn’t matter that we were stuck inventorying radio parts on hot asphalt with little shade available… it was actually a decent morning!

The afternoon was good too… got some reading done.  Then went with my roommate to the batting cages nearby.  It had been years since I had hit a softball, but I think I did pretty well… nevermind the ball seemed to be moving kinda slow!  Had a good workout then, and played some volleyball.  And then we went and watched one of the soccer games that occurs at the local fields each weekend.

The best part of my day was, though, talking to my friends back home.  It was nice to hear their voices all together.  I am missing one of my favorite “holidays” this weekend.  Girls’ Weekend is a time we all try to get together for fun and quality time and just to catch up on all the things that we might have missed throughout the year.  I am sad I missed it this year, since I haven’t missed a single one.  But I do know that next years will be a blast!!


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