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Smallpox & Cups

Today I peed in cups twice.  I’ve peed in cups more in the two months I’ve been here, than the rest of my life combined.  I’m becoming a pro.

The first was before getting a smallpox vaccination.  The “poke” itself is not too bad.  It’s not a shot, but a series of small pokes in a very small area.  But what is coming will be bad.  The area that’s affected will puss, swell, itch, etc until it heals.  There will be a scar.  I am not excited.  But before all that I had to pee in a cup to see if I was pregnant, which after the last three pregnancy tests I’ve done for them, was a pretty obvious negative! haha…

The second time was for a urinalysis/drug test the whole company had to participate in.  I got to pee with a seargent watching to make sure I didn’t switch it out or something.

So my day, which was supposed to be uneventful, turned out to be filled with urine in cups!


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The time is coming…

Soon I will be leaving the states for the Middle East, but I can’t really tell you when.  And that is the point of this post…

A lot of what I will be doing is classified.  So if my posts ever seem cryptic or like I am leaving things out… well, I am. I can’t tell you about what is going on with my job, so a lot of my posts will just be about my day-to-day life on base.

If you have questions, feel free to ask and I will try to answer them as best as possible, but everything I write will be read and possibly censored, including my emails, letters, posts, everything.   That goes for everything you send me as well…

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