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A trip to the sea…

I got back today from a four day pass… I didn’t want to come back.  Well, not completely.

I had a wonderful five days with my mother and sister.  We travel to Cape May, NJ and stayed in a quaint Victorian B&B.  Well, you’d be hard-pressed to stay in anything other than Victorian; the entire town looks like a postcard from the late 19th century.  It’s gorgeous in the cutest way.  Of course there are still reminders of modern times, like the cars, lights, running water, cell phones, and the swimsuits!

We spent time on the beaches of the area, took a couple of tours, went to local lighthouses, played miniature golf (I placed 2nd, but still got the only hole-in-one), and just chilled.  We explored some of the other towns in the area, including one boardwalk that I was sure was straight out of a movie.  It was nice to have virtually nothing to worry about and no times to make except the spa appointment and the dinner reservations.

I would go back in a heartbeat.  I loved it there.  Spending a week or two every summer in Cape May would be just fine with me.   And of course, the fact that I was there with some of my favorite people made it that much better.


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