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More treasure…

Last night we found two more geocaches on post!!

These were much farther out, so we ended up taking the shuttle bus part of the way.

see it behind the rock!?

see it behind the rock!?

what was behind the rock... we added the flag

what was behind the rock... we added the flag

find #2 - again behind the rock

find #2 - again behind the rock

What we found

What we found

What we found in the british section... :P

What we found in the british section... 😛


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I hate Alarm clocks!!

We have about 50 girls living in our tent right now.  And at least half of them have their own alarm clock.  And everyone wakes up at different times.  Now I don’t mind alarms like my own (of course), that are somewhat quite and really only audible to people a few feet away.  But some of the females have very loud alarms, and these are the ones that don’t wake up to them, but everyone else does!  One girl even has an old-fashioned, metal alarm.  I love how these sounds, but not at 4 am in the morning when I can still sleep for 3 hours.

Back in the states, I used my phone for my alarm and put it on the vibrate setting.  It was right next to my head so I was the only one that heard it out of the four of us in the room.  But apparently, not everyone thinks the way I do and feels that waking everyone up is good protocol.

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Desert workouts…

Yesterday I went to the gym on post for the first time since we’ve been here.  I know… I know… Erin, you should be working out more!  Well, walking across post multiple times a day in this heat feels like a workout in itself, so I wasn’t that inclined to keep with it.

I did some cardio and abs, and also lifted, arms only.  And now my arms are sore!  That’s what I get for waiting so long!

But Swan & I scored some major brownie points when our NCOIC walked in and saw us sweating it up!

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I have baby fever…

Okay, I know that sounds funny… and I really don’t want to have a kid right now. But I do want to be with all my friends that are having kids and just had kids.

Baby Will J

Baby Will shares my Birthday!

My friend Laura just had a baby boy on my birthday! He is cute, but I won’t get to hold him until he is almost a year old.

Valerie is due in November. I won’t even get to be there for the baby shower. The same with my friends, Patrick and Joanne (joe-AHN-ee), who are due around December.

My Niece

My Niece

I will also miss my niece’s 1st Birthday.

And not only am I missing babies, I am missing weddings, too. My college roommate Christine is getting married on Halloween this year.

facebook logoI just hope people take a lot of pics, and post them. Facebook is what keeps me updated! I also hope no one else decides to get married or get pregnant. I might have to hurt them! I guess I will have to make sure to send lots of presents!

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Gnome on the roam…

We kidnapped Eugene the Gnome.
Took him around.
Here are his adventures in Kuwait.

*Make sure sound is on.

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Starbucks is keeping me alive…



If it weren’t for the Starbucks here on post, I am not sure what I would do with all of my time…

We are just sitting here waiting to leave for our main destination and have no training to do, so Swan, Bettle, and I spend our time on the internet at the local coffee joint.

We like to frequent Facebook mostly and stalk our friends and comment on each other’s posts and pictures even though we are sitting at the same table.  And of course, we all update our blogs.  I just got Bettle started and Swan is still getting hers up to date.

But Starbucks also gives me my daily caffeine ration, and the A/C helps keep us cool.  We just have to get here early to make sure we get a seat and can get connected.

In the 'bucks...

In the 'bucks...

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Searching for buried treasure…

So my battle buddy, Swan, introduced me to a worldwide phenomenom, Geocaching.  Essentially, people from all around the world hide (no burying allowed) little treasures in various areas all around.  And other people go find them.  You go to and search in your area.  People leave clues and then let you know when they find yours!

The first one we found...

The first one we found...

Last night, we found 2 out of the 4 we looked for.  It was super exciting.  Swan has a small GPS that we used to find the locations, and the clues that were posted helped to find where they were hidden exactly.  The problem here of course is that sand is constantly blowing and covering stuff up, and that there isn’t someone always here to take care of sites.

#2 - The sticker even says it's a Geocache!

#2 - The sticker even says it's a Geocache!

At home, I know there are a whole bunch right around my place that I will have to search for when I get home.  I have one more thing to look forward to!

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