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weekend in Atlantic City…



Good times!

We had a three day pass this weekend, so I made my way down to AC with 8 guys from the unit.  It started out a little rocky, but ended up well.

We first missed our bus, so ended up taking rental cars down.  I wasn’t exactly pleased about that, but it was probably better in the end.

Ate some wonderful seafood, got to do some retail therapy (AC has an awesome outlet mall), and just chilled on the beach.  I got sunburnt on the tops of my feet and my shoulders, despite the sunscreen I put on.  It still hurts.

Went up against one of my seargents Saturday night in Putt



Putt… I beat him!  Had two holes-in-one even!  I kinda like to point that out!

The guys were awesome to me, sort of like brothers!  It was nice to have them around to hang out with and look out for me!

Played poker on Friday night… at one point I was up about $250… I should’ve walked away then, cause it was all downhill from there.  I left the table empty handed.  But I made up for it this afternoon.  Trump casinos was having a deal where new cardholders got $50 free for the slots.  Off of that I won about $250!  So even though I could have won more, I still won something!

It was nice to have my own hotel room with a king size bed

My poor feet!! :(

My poor feet!! 😦

and my own bathroom!  I got to sleep in and lounge around!  It would have been nice to see more in the city, but of course there wasn’t much time and I probably would have spent it on the beach anyway!


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She chose me… HA!

I am in Atlantic City for the weekend on pass from training.  I am here with about 8 guys from my unit.  It’s been a good time so far;  been to the spa, some nice restaurants, I get my own (king-size) bed.   I have some good stories too…

My favorite so far is:  One of the guys I am here with has been telling the others that I “propositioned” him.  Anyone that knows me would realize that this a stupid statement.  I don’t do that…

Apparently, the night we arrived, I had mouthed to him “I want you”.  This never happened… He told some of the others that I did this and asked what he should do, and supposedly said “She chose me” like it was a competition between them all!  Hehehehe… oh boys… so funny…

Anyway, he doesn’t know that I know he was telling people this… so I am just going to play along!  It could make for some funny stuff…

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Aaaahhh… SPA!

I love the spa… always have.  And I just spent 4 hours in the one at the Trump Plaza in Atlantic City!  It was swell!  I got a body scrub and massage… and got my eyebrows waxed, plus some, and a facial! I am all red and greasy now, but it was worth it!

Now I am ready for the beach!!  Only get to spend a few days there though… boo!

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Tent city…

We are staying at the FOB for awhile… like two weeks…  it’s the nicest FOB I’ve stayed at yet.  But that really isn’t saying much.

There are 10 other females in my tent, and possibly more to come.  But there is a dining facility, and a gym, and a computer lab (I have a laptop and broadband so I don’t have to use it), and a trailer with showers!  The tents even have floors and our bunks have mattresses.

It’s not bad, just humid and hot!  Here are som pics…

See all the tents!

See all the tents!

Mr. Bob's... self-explanatory.

Mr. Bob's... self-explanatory.

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I miss you…

I have moments where I am really glad to be here and “forget” you…

but I also have moments that seem like eternities where I almost regret this.  Usually I hear a song, or tell a story, or see something that reminds me of you.  And it sucks…

I get lost in my head and it takes a second to come back around.  And the cycle starts again… forget, remember, smile, cry, forget again…

I know this will probably go on for most of my deployment, but hopefully it will ebb some and the “forgetfulness” will be more abundant.  Of course, I will never truly forget you. And I will always miss you.

I miss you all!

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Diagnostic PT Test

So I failed my first PT test with this unit… and by very little too!  I was sooo mad at myself…  still am!

I am supposed to do a minimum of 50 situps in 2 min, 17 pushups in 2 min, and run 2 miles in under 19:26.  Here are my results:

Pushups: 31



SOOOO Close!

Everyone told me, don’t worry about it…  It’s only diagnostic…  We had a busy day carrying our gear around…

But it was soooo close!  UGH!

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I got counseled today… but it was a good counseling!

I had to develop my goals for this deployment.  It was a little bit tough because I hadn’t really thought about it before hand, but I think I came up with some very solid, basic things.

1.  Increase my PT (physical training) score by decreasing my run time and increasing the number of situps and pushups I can do.

2. Take classes towards a Master’s degree, most likely online.

3. Pay off some of my debt.

4. Aim for promotion to sergeant.

I think this are all attainable by the time I get home… I will let you know how they go! 😛

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